ABMHS Techsploration team

Allison Bernard Memorial High School was host to a “Techsploration goes to school” event on May 3rd.  Techsploration is a program dedicated to the empowerment of young women in the STEM fields.  The goal of Techsploration is to increase the number of women working in science, trades and technology occupations by assisting young women from diverse backgrounds to explore a wide range of career options. 

In the weeks leading up to the event, students in the school’s techsploration group met weekly to study various occupations from each of the STEM fields and to learn more about potential career paths available to them.  During this time the students also familiarized themselves with the work of their Techsploration role model – Eilidh Lindsay-Sinclair, Director of Operations at CloudKettle.

CloudKettle is a Halifax-based consultancy that specializes in helping enterprise software companies with sales and marketing.  Eilidh was CloudKettle’s first employee.  After studying Public Relations at Mount Saint Vincent University she was brought on by CloudKettle as Marketing Coordinator.  Over the years her passion for process and efficiency led to her transition into her new role as Director of Operations.  Eilidh is passionate about advancing opportunities for women in technology and developing stronger equity for women in STEM fields.  Through her role at CloudKettle, Eilidh founded and now co-chairs Digital Skills for Women, a learning cohort aimed at increasing digital literacy.

The Techsploration goes to school event was a great success.  Organized by ABMHS teacher Carol Ann Jeddore and Techsploration coordinator Margaret Davidson, students attended presentations by local women in leadership roles within the STEM fields and did a presentation of their own about their role model Eilidh Lindsay-Sinclair.  Students got to hear from Eskasoni’s own Gaetanne Stevens about career and education opportunities in the RCMP and about the application of various branches of STEM in everyday police work.  Students also heard from Deanne van Rooyen, Assistant Professor in Geology at Cape Breton University. 

On May 24th, students attended the provincial Techsploration event at Acadia University hearing from and presenting to schools and role models from across the province about their own experiences as part of the Techsploration program. 

Great job to everyone involved in this program!