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Math Tutor - Brenna Sylliboy

Hello Teens, I am your math tutor Brenna Sylliboy i am available to tutor all day on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. I am not available on wednesdays. I can math tutor one-on-one or groups which ever you prefer, come see me in the math class room or approach me in the hall, message or email me to set up a scheduled time when you want to be tutored.

If you are having trouble finding brenna or don't know where to go.

You can find me in:

  1. Math resource room near newell's office
  2. math classroom across from liam's classroom
  3. Laura's classroom
  4. Khea's classroom
  5. Staff room

Above are all possible locations to where I can be found during school hours.


There is extra help after school on Thursday's from 3:20 until 5:00, there is no bus run for the extra help all students are responsible for there own rides home. Brenna waits 20 minutes for students to show up if no students show up within that time frame than there is no extra help that evening so please do show up when the extra help session starts at 3:20.

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