Terry's Home Page

 Hi students and parents. This is Terry Mac Sween's home page. I am a high school Learning Center teacher  at ABMHS. I teach English 10 IPP and Career Education 10 IPP this term. Next term I will be teaching Biology 10 IPP and Career Education 11 IPP. We try to include Life Skills courses in our programming and this includes the following classes in our curriculum; cooking, driver education, physical education and a yoga class The initials IPP stand for Individual Pupil Plan and this plan is written with the assistance of both school staff along with students and parents. This plan is an on-going documnent that is developed with the assistance of all people who participate in the pupil plan. We at ABMHS always invite and encourage both students and parents to attend and speak their minds at these meetings.

The school requires signed parent permission foms previous to enrolling in each IPP course and this is usually acquired in elementary school and continues in these specific course or courses throughout high school.

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